An Overview of Gonzo’s Quest Slots

Funny how after what seems like years of knowing someone, you discover that they’ve been hiding a significant other from you all along. The conquistador Gonzo and the woman who seems to be his squeeze, Gonzita, are two of the most popular figures in the world of online slot machines. However, the Gonzo and Gonzita partnership isn’t explicitly stated in Red Tiger’s Gonzita’s Quest. Perhaps they’re siblings, or perhaps their parents are related, or perhaps it’s just a coincidence that they have similar names and a common interest in Central/South American artifacts. Whatever the truth may be, Gonzita, a new heroine in one of the most famous slot series ever, is heading the expedition in the latest installment.

Gonzita’s Quest is a visual treat that owes a great deal to both the original Gonzo’s Quest slot machine by NetEnt and the Megaways slot machine by Red Tiger. While the central playing area is rather huge, there are plenty of eye-catching images that surround the grid on desktop. There is evidence of far-flung buildings amid a dense forest here, complete with rustling leaves, tangled vines, and tons of intricately carved masonry. Gonzita, like Gonzo, is full of life, as seen by her ecstatic involvement in the game at various points. In the main game, she just kind of hangs out and bounces about the screen, but during the free spins, she really steals the show.

Players may enjoy the new Gonzita on any device, with a betting range of 10 p/c to £/€40 each spin. The high-volatility action takes place over a 5-reel, 3-row grid matrix with 20 paylines, which pay from left to right starting with the first column. Meanwhile, the game’s default return to player (RTP) is 95.66%, and some players may have reservations about its viability (which we’ll address shortly).

In the meanwhile, have a peek at the paytable, where you’ll see 8 icons that seem quite familiar. Winnings for lines of five of the first four symbols range from 2x to 8x the wager, while lines of five of the higher-paying symbols, which feature faces, are worth 15x to 125x the wager. Gonzita’s Quest, controversially or not, lacks wild symbols and a multiplier of any kind for winning combinations.

Features of Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine

It shares the original’s avalanche feature, in which winning symbols are wiped off the reels. The remaining symbols on the reels will drop into the empty spaces below, increasing the chance of getting many consecutive wins from a single spin. The avalanche will keep going like this until no more wins occur and a fresh spin may begin. The game’s main content is complete.

No Risk Turns

The Stone Slab is another important symbol to keep an eye out for in the main game since it represents a wager multiplier. If you land at least three Stone Slabs throughout the main game, you’ll get three respins. In this extra game, Gonzita is perched on a throne and takes the place of the third reel. The remaining four reels always feature either Stone Slabs with multipliers or Stone Slabs without multipliers. When a Stone Slab with a bet multiplier lands, it remains in place for the remainder of the free spin, while the other Stone Slabs are removed. Spins are reset to 3 if a fresh Stone Slab with values is landed. When a reel is full of Stone Slabs (which multiply bets by three), Gonzita takes their money and clears the reel so that fresh symbols can fall into place. Once a reel has been filled in this way, higher-value Slabs will begin to emerge on that reel. There are three distinct value categories for stone slabs.

Stone Slabs can be 1x, 2x, 5x, or 7x in value.

Values of 10x, 25x, 50x, or 75x can be found on Golden Slabs.

Diamond slabs may be worth anywhere from 100x to 750x their weight in gold.

Gonzo’s Quest: The Slot Machine Decision

While we may take some heat from purists who insist on sticking with the original, we’ll risk it and claim that Gonzo’s Quest Megaways is an improvement on the original. With an avalanche/multiplier idea carried over from the original slot, Megaways performed flawlessly and added some pleasant extras on the side. The dramatic improvement in potential was equally remarkable. Gonzita’s Quest is a surprising downgrade from Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, despite a number of improvements.

Not in terms of creative expression, musicality, or joie de vivre. Gonzita’s Quest is just as lively as the games that came before it in those respects. Gonzita has attitude and is ecstatic whenever she finds a new treasure. The fact that Gonzita’s Quest’s spoils are very little in the big scheme of things comes as something of a shock in light of this. We were hoping for more for our 2,580x investment. The weak hold and win style bonus round is a major factor. Gold dust might be difficult to come by if you don’t make it to Diamond Slabs. Gonzita is as charming and outgoing as ever during free spins, and she deserves more firepower to match her self-assurance, because the bonus rounds are like something out of an animated film.

The news isn’t all awful, by any means. Gonzita’s Quest features polished visuals because to its high production standards. The audiovisual skills of Red Tiger have been put to good use. During free games, the reels are cleared of all Stone Slabs, and some of these Slabs can be worth quite a bit of money. Despite its engaging nature, Gonzita’s Quest can’t shake the nagging impression that it might have done more, especially in light of the outstanding legacy of the brand to which it belongs.






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